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State and Local Initiatives

Green For All envisions a new economy in which we take care of each other and take care of the earth — where both people and planet have the opportunity to thrive. This ambitious vision is matched by an equally bold strategy that leverages government funding, attracts private investment, and mobilizes civil society to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. more...

Green construction workers on rooftop

Right now, innovation at the state and local levels has a special opportunity to fill in the gaps in the national conversation about building America’s future. Green For All’s approach takes advantage of the ripe opportunity to influence policy at the national level and then implement that policy in states and cities across the country.

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Creating Jobs at the State Level

State Level

Green construction workers on rooftopGreen For All is working at the state level to translate green economic policy into real opportunity for everyday Americans — particularly low-income people and people of color. Green For All has helped shaped successful green jobs policies in a number of states, including Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, and New Mexico.

Going Local on a National Scale

Going Local

We're ready for green jobs! - Richmond, CAIn more than 20 cities across the U.S. — including Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Santa Clara County, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Denver, New Orleans, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, Buffalo, and Boston — Green For All is creating scaled green jobs programs that provide pathways out of poverty for low-income individuals and communities of color. Green For All is partnering with cutting-edge local organizations in these cities to roll out a series of innovative and aggressive campaigns to help their cities create clean-energy opportunities in 2010 and beyond.

These cities are on the frontlines of innovative implementation. When combined with Green For All's national assets, these local models become the stepping-stones toward an equitable and environmentally sustainable future. By promoting best practices, models, and tools as they emerge in these different cities, Green For All is able to define the growing field of green job creation and training at the national level.

Complementary Programs

Several of Green For All's programs are working to green state and local economies, by facilitating innovation and sharing among on-the-ground practitioners and by building the capacity of green businesses and mobilizing capital to complement our advocacy work.

Communities of Practice

Green For All's Jeremy HaysGreen For All’s Communities of Practice allow on-the-ground practitioners to connect with each other, innovate together, and share their learning with the entire field. Together, these practitioners are producing quantum leaps in the national thinking about, and practice of, programs and policies that address climate change and build pathways out of poverty by creating green-collar jobs. These communities foster new and productive collaborations in the fields of energy-efficiency building retrofits, “green pathways out of poverty” green job training and workforce development, and re-entry job placement for ex-offenders.

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Capital Access Program

Check out the video profile of Carol's Express

Video profile of Carol's Express, a participant in our Coaching Platform.

Green For All’s Capital Access Program (CAP) is a key source for content about green business, social equity, and how the two meet in urban America. This content includes several “green business basics” publications, a newsletter that reaches several thousand subscribers, national, issue-based webinars, and in-depth tutorials. CAP is constantly looking to expand and improve the content it offers. It is producing a map of socially minded entities focused on supporting green business in the U.S., and includes a suite of services aimed at educating and empowering workers performing energy-efficiency retrofits.

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