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Stories from The Green Collar Economy

Stories from the Green Collar Economy

All across the country, ordinary Americans are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work, building a green collar economy strong enough to lift us out of environmental and economic disaster.  These are the heroes and sheroes of this generation. We teamed up with Free Range Studios to tell their stories.

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Green Worker Cooperatives

In this video: Omar Freilla and members of the Green Worker Cooperatives talk about their work to saturate the South Bronx with worker-owned green businesses.


Growing Home

In this video:  Orrin Williams and the folks at Growing Home demonstrate how urban agriculture is reconnecting people to their communities and the earth, and revitalizing Chicago.

Solar Richmond

In this video: Aundre Collins talks about his work with Solar Richmond, and how it has shaped his life.


Greencorps Chicago


In this video: Greencorps Chicago provides job training and meaningful employment through landscape and community revitalization.

Produced by Free Range Studios
Directed by Philip Carr/Cloudburst Media
Music courtesy of Youth Movement Records and BUMP Records

These stories and others are told in The Green Collar Economy, a book by Van Jones, Founder of Green For All.  The book proposes elegant solutions for our economic and environmental crises.

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