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What Are Green-Collar Jobs?


What’s the best way to give Americans of all socioeconomic backgrounds a tangible stake in fighting for issues like global warming?

Easy: Make it their livelihood. Every day, about 135 million people go to work in the U.S. Imagine what would happen if millions of those jobs—plus new ones created for people who are currently unemployed—were in fields like renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and green building.

Did You Know...

  • There’s already a huge green economy developing. In 2006 renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies generated 8.5 million new jobs, nearly $970 billion in revenue, and more than $100 billion in industry profits.
  • According to the National Renewable Energy Lab, the major barriers to a more rapid adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency in America are insufficient skills and training.
  • In December 2007, President Bush signed the Green Jobs Act to train workers for green collar jobs. It authorizes $125 million for workforce training programs targeted to veterans, displaced workers, at-risk youth, and families in extreme poverty. It will train people for jobs like installing solar panels and weatherization.

Green-Collar Jobs… 

  • Rebuild a Strong Middle Class
  • Provide Pathways Out of Poverty
  • Require Some New Skills (and some new thinking about old skills)
  •  Tend to be Local Jobs
  •  Strengthen Urban and Rural Communities
  • Protect Our Health and the Health of the Planet 

Learn More...

We're developing a clearinghouse full of resources, case studies, and tools from people all around the country who are working to implement green-collar jobs.  Explore it:

For a more detailed overview of green-collar jobs, read:

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