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Communicating our Vision for National Climate Policy

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Green For All, in partnership with a broad range of organizations -- from the research, advocacy, faith-based, labor, and civil rights communities--is a founding member of the Climate Equity Alliance--an alliance pushing for strong climate legislation that protects and provides opportunity for low- and moderate-income communities. The Alliance has put forward principles for advancing the needs of low and moderate income workers, families, and communities within climate change policy.

Communicating our Vision for National Climate Policy

Spread the word. Climate policy should protect the most vulnerable and help build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

On Tuesday, May 27, over 200 people joined Green For All for a national conference call to learn about how to communicate our vision for climate policy in the context of legislation currently being debated in Congress. This call did not attempt to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the soon-to-be debated Lieberman-Warner bill.  Nor did it advocate support or opposition for the bill or debate the best method for placing a price on carbon.  Instead, we discussed the most effective ways to articulate simple but compelling messages regarding a vision for climate protection that:

* Maximizes the gain for low-income communities and communities of color
* Minimizes the pain for the most vulnerable
* Invests in green-collar jobs
* Limits carbon emissions at a level that science (not big business) dictates; and
* Makes polluters pay

As our movement grows so too will the opposition.  We need to be prepared and ready to articulate our vision for climate policy that protects and serves the most vulnerable populations. If we do not take this opportunity to shape the debate around our values and vision, then it will be shaped for us.

Join us by meeting with your local editorial board, writing an op-ed, blogging on the issue, or setting up a meeting with your representative.

Talking about Climate Change Policy: Talking Points

 Click here for talking points that can help you prepare on how to frame climate protection policy. Remember that it is not about whether or not this is the right legislation, but that equity and opportunity must be present in any debate for any legislation.

Click here for a summary of Senator Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) substitute amendment to the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act (S. 2191).  This is the version of S. 2191 that will be debated and possibly voted on in the U.S. Senate.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Climate Security Act

Having trouble answering tough questions about the Lieberman-Warner bill? Check out our responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the Climate Security Act.

Using the media to frame the debate: Media Tool Kit

Unsure how to approach a reporter?  No problem. Click here for a tool kit to help pitch and prepare for interviews and articles around climate change and green jobs.

Sharing our success

As our movement grows, we all have the opportunity to provide guidance and ideas for each other. Email us to share with us your successes in the media and with your community!

Listening again..or for the first time: Podcast 

We have our first national conference call available for podcast.  Listen and share it today.  And continue to check the resources page for future podcasts.  We hope you will be inspired to make your voices heard in letters to the editor, op-eds, newspaper stories, television news and any other media that allows us to make our case to the American people.

Listen to the conference call (streaming audio):

To download a podcast of the call (13 MB mp3 file) click here.
To be notified about future learning conference calls click here.  

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