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Celebrating People Power on November 20th

Posted by Khary Dvorak-Ewell at Oct 27, 2011 10:52 AM |
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This November 20th is the first-ever “Community Solar Day”. Want to help your community go solar? Then get together with your friends on that day to kickstart your project. Start or attend a Community Solar Day event – and join people across the country who will be coming together at BBQs, picnics and potlucks and start creating local jobs and clean energy through a community solar project.

Celebrating People Power on November 20th

People power.

In a difficult moment, people around the world are finding rejuvenation and support by coming together – in social groups, in religious institutions, in the streets. What if we harnessed the power of people coming together to reduce pollution and invest in our communities?

People power

On November 20th, Green for All is partnering with Oakland Solar Mosaic, the Ella Baker Center and other progressive organizations to hold Community Solar Day, a day to do just that. People across the country will come together at BBQs, picnics and potlucks and start creating local jobs and clean energy through community solar projects. This innovative model, developed in Oakland, leverages the investing power of the community to get solar into our neighborhoods.

Many aren't able to go solar on our own homes due to high up-front costs or because we don’t own our home. But we all know plenty of non-profits, churches and schools - with big roofs - that are perfect for a community solar project. Given that solar is the fastest growing industry in America, now employing more Americans than both coal and steel, it a smart investment for any community. 

Solar Mosaic is providing an innovative system to do so. Solar panels are leased to community buildings and homeowners, and installed by local workers. Buildings go green with no up-front cost, and receive immediate energy savings.

Equally innovative is how the financing works. Instead of going through banks, which can increase project costs with high interest rates, Solar Mosaic uses an online peer-to-peer lending system that allows individuals to invest in solar projects in their communities. For as little as $100 investors can buy an Oakland Solar Mosaic solar tile that will yield over 50 watts of clean energy, save a local community building $125 in monthly utility costs - and promise a 100% return on investment. 

Investors are already engaged. Last week, Solar Mosaic celebrated the installation of their first community solar project on the Asian Resource Center (ARC) in downtown Oakland. The ARC is home to more than a dozen organizations that work on a wide range of social issues in the areas of affordable housing, health care, environmental justice, and more. The 28.8 kW solar installation will save the building an estimated $112,684 over the lifetime of the lease, allowing the ARC to remain affordable to their non-profit and small business tenants for years to come. By the end of 2011, Oakland Solar Mosaic will have 5 to 7 community sites with solar arrays providing energy savings and eliminating over 5 million pounds of carbon pollution.

Get involved. Sign up. Help your community thrive through clean energy. Visit

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