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Resources for May 19 conference call - Retrofitting America's Cities

Links to PDFs of reports, and slide shows referenced during the Retrofitting America's Cities learning conference call.



We recommend you download the following two presentations and view them during the call.


We will also be referencing the following resources during the call:



  • Derek Smith, Policy Advisor, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, City of Portland
  • Jeremy Hays, Field Director, Green For All
  • Dorian Dale, Energy Director & Sustainability Officer, Town of Babylon
  • Stacy Ho, Policy Associate, Green For All
  • Satya Rhodes-Conway, Senior Associate, Center on Wisconsin Strategy



We encourage you to participate in the discussion forum and continue the conversation of the call by:

  • describing efforts in your community to make energy efficiency accessible to all.
  • posing questions to others in the Community of Practice about city-scale retrofitting, whether you seek technical assistance on financing or you want advice on how to engage specific actors in the community on this topic.

The discussion forum is a new feature on the Green For All website and requires you to set up an account in order to participate.


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