Flint Residents Still Suffering, Exposed to Contaminated Water

By D. Kevin McNeir for Voice & Viewpoint

Residents of Flint, Michigan have very little to celebrate, three years after the water crisis in the city made national headlines.

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Green For All Statement On Trump’s Dirty Budget

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Contact: Nina Smith, 301-717-9006, nina@megaphonestrategies.com

Green For All Statement On Trump’s Dirty Budget

OAKLAND, CA--Following the release of Trump’s budget launching an unprecedented attack on our children’s health, access to clean air and safe green spaces for families to play, work and grow, Green For All Director Vien Truong released the following statement: 

“In one budget, Donald Trump has managed to achieve what most polluter’s have strived for over the last 40 years -- the complete decimation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Green For All joins millions of Americans in calling on Congress to reject Trump’s dirty budget.

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VIDEO: The California Model: Make Polluters Pay

Reposted from UniversityOfCalifornia.edu

Even when climate change is a top priority for lawmakers, progress is challenging. It often comes down to money: We have plenty of expensive problems right now, so expensive problems down the road take a backseat.

It’s becoming increasingly clear, however, that climate change isn’t down the road, it’s right now — and addressing it can help solve other problems.

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True Climate Justice Puts Communities of Color First

By Audrea Lim for The Nation

Black and brown communities have long borne the brunt of our addiction to fossil fuels—and now they are leading the fight for a post-carbon economy.

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As Machines Take Jobs, Companies Need to Get Creative About Making New Ones

By Harvard Business Review

Jobs in retail, transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture are highly vulnerable to technological change. 

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The Resistance is Growing: Dispatches from Flint to Washington, DC

People all over the United States are fed up with attacks on our air, our water, and our future. At Green For All we are building a future to fight for every.single.day. Let me shed some light on our actions since our founder, Van Jones launched #FixThePipes for Flint on April 20th.

Why Flint now? Just look. A young mom in Flint took this video from her bathroom on April 15th:


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Big Sean Joins Fight to Help Flint Water Crisis

By Lenore T. Adkins for Afro

Rapper Big Sean has joined a celebrity lineup helping to raise money for residents of Flint, Mich. still grappling with poisoned water.

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Van Jones Names Roc Nation As Exclusive Management

By Roc Nation 

NEW YORKMay 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned activist, CNN commentator and two-time New York Timesbestselling author, Van Jones, has joined Roc Nation as an exclusive management client.

Roc Nation will work with Van across all aspects of his career. The work will be about making change. It will be cause-oriented, it will be justice-oriented, and it will strive to uplift all people in innovative ways.

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NowThis: Here's why the Peoples Climate March is so important

Van Jones And Vien Truong of Green For All Discuss Why They March

Fast Company: The Flint Water Crisis Is Far From Over: They Still Need New Pipes

Fast Company April 27, 2017


Green For All wants to deliver $500,000 directly to Flint families and raise awareness of environmental injustice across the United States.

Three years ago, the city of Flint, Michigan, in search of a cheaper water supply, connected its system to the nearby Flint River. The switch was meant to be temporary; as such, officials neglected to treat the water flowing into the pipes to ensure it wouldn’t cause corrosion. Almost immediately, residents, 40% of whom live in poverty, took note of the strange taste and color of the water, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. By the time officials acknowledged that the water from the Flint River had corroded the pipes, high levels of lead had already seeped into the water supply of 100,000 people.

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