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I pledge to prioritize families and workers at the frontlines of pollution.

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  • endorsed 2017-10-19 22:12:10 -0700
    I live on the planet and so do those I care for…
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    enviromental just
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  • endorsed 2017-07-13 09:09:22 -0700
    I was on the front lines in 1970 while still in high school to bring attention to pollution on the inaugural Earth Day 47 years ago. See my website www.4hughmanatee.com to see what I am attempting to do now. I am sending a letter to Van Jones today after viewing his interview on Elizabeth Kolbert’s film, “Confronting Climate Change.” I hope he will respond to my letter.
  • endorsed 2017-06-16 10:00:08 -0700
    For far too long those with the least money and political power have paid the price of their lives so that corporations can continue to pollute our air and water and rape our lands
  • Meadowlark Center endorsed 2017-06-09 06:43:02 -0700
    When we don’t pay attention to what is happening on the front lines,

    we miss a magnified/close-up view what the planet is facing soon.
  • endorsed 2017-06-07 13:02:42 -0700
    It not only impacts all of humanity but the most vulnerable of populations all over the planet
  • endorsed 2017-06-03 17:35:10 -0700