Every Kid Deserves a Clean, Safe Ride to School

Green For All is proud to support U.S. Senator Kamala Harris on the Clean School Bus Act. This legislation would help schools serving low-income neighborhoods make the down payment to transition from dirty diesel buses to zero-emission electric buses, and give kids a clean, safe ride to school.

The Clean School Bus Act will:

  •  Provide grants of up to $2 million to replace diesel school buses with electric school buses, invest in charging infrastructure, and support workforce development.
  •  Give priority to applications that serve lower-income students, replace the most polluting buses, and leverage the funding to further decrease pollution and emissions, including through partnerships with local utilities.
  • Authorize $1 billion over five years at the Department of Energy to fund a Clean School Bus Grant Program to spur increased adoption of this clean technology.


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Why Now:

Dirty Diesel School Buses Are Refineries on Wheels

Over 25 million kids ride school buses that expose them to toxins and known carcinogens. Dirty diesel school buses are basically refineries on wheels. The soot and particulate matter that spews out of them while kids line up alongside the bus waiting to board -- and the tiny particulates that enter the bus through open windows as they travel -- get embedded deep into their lungs. This can cause severe breathing problems, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

But we can change that. In the words of our founder Van Jones, "It's hard to learn when you can't breathe...School buses should be as clean as they are safe." 

The Clean School Bus Act is directly in line with Green For All’s #FuelChange campaign to mobilize a movement of people across the country to fight climate change and improve health by bringing zero-emission electric cars, trucks, and buses to underserved neighborhoods across America. Sign up to #FuelChange in your neighborhood here.


Know a child who has a vision of a pollution-free future? Have them enter the FREE FuelChange4Kids Art Program!

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