Flint: Elevating Solutions to Stop the Vicious Cycle of Environmental Racism

Flint is not the first poisoned American city. But we have the know-how to make it the last.

By now, the cycle of how environmental racism repeats itself is well-established: a natural or manmade disaster wreaks havoc on a disadvantaged city, leaving thousands of displaced residents. An already crumbling infrastructure ruptures due to generations of neglect, leaving those most vulnerable and unable to flee or relocate to bear the brunt of the consequences.

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Amidst Flint Crisis, Environmental Leader Vien Truong Points to California For A Long-Term Public Policy Solution

February 9, 2016 - As the water crisis in Flint continues to escalate, Vien Truong, an environmental champion and clean energy expert, is challenging Michigan and other states to an unusual call to arms: use pollution - or more accurately, the government mandated tax on it - to help end poverty in low-income communities like Flint. Vien Truong has devoted her career to helping low income communities of color breath easier. After a landmark victory in California, in which she helped to move one quarter of every dollar the government collects for a pollution tax to be reinvested in vulnerable communities, she’s looking at replicating that success across the country.

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Statement on Supreme Court's Stay of Clean Power Plan

In response to the Supreme Court's stay of the Clean Power Plan, Green For All Director Vien Truong made the following statement:

"While we share in the disappointment that the Clean Power Plan's implementation will be delayed, we're nonetheless confident that precedence and public opinion is strongly on our side. Green For All's work to build an equitable and sustainable future is important and will move forward independent of the Clean Power Plan's implementation timeline."

"The millions of individuals living in disadvantaged communities bearing the brunt of climate change cannot wait for action. The Supreme Court's actions only serves to underscore the critical need for community leaders and their allies to work together on crafting equitable climate solutions now."

The Progressive: Building Things to Solve Problems: An Interview with Van Jones

February 3, 2016 

Green for All has helped to create more than 10,000 jobs for low-income people and people of color in green industries. I like to build things that solve problems and have had a very exciting career doing it. 

Vien Truong - California Climate Leadership | Bioneers

To make real progress on climate change, we need a true collaborative movement, reaching across race, class and ethnic divisions. In California, where 73% of those under 18 years old are people of color, Vien Truong walks us through practical examples and models of what success looks like - and what it's going to take to build this movement.

Vien Truong at the National Forum on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Communities of Color

Vien Truing (Green For All National Director) speaks at the National Forum on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Communities of Color on September 29th, 2015.

Poll Shows African Americans Strongly Back Climate Action

Two-thirds of African Americans believe global warming is a serious problem, they want action more than the population at large and they overwhelmingly support the Clean Power Plan to address the growing climate crisis, a major new poll released today shows.

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Get on the fast track to greening your church! Join Green the Church and our friends from the US Green Building Council for this interactive workshop. Come ready to pool ideas on how you can transform your church.

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Black Church Matters: A Community Conversation

On November 17th, come join the Green the Church community as we explore the role of the church in social change movements at Black Church Matters: A Community Conversation.

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National Forum on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Communities of Color


Watch the video! On September 29th, 2015, national, congressional, community, and faith leaders gathered at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to advance the Clean Power Plan for the health, wealth, and opportunity of low-income communities and people of color. Speakers included Vien Truong (Green For All), Van Jones (Dream Corps & Green For All), Keya Chatterjee (US Climate Action Network), Congressman Keith Ellison, Elianne Ramos (Speak Hispanic Communications), Congressman Raul Grijalva, and Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III (Trinity United Church of Christ).

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