Carbon Price and Invest


Fossil fuel pollution hurts us all, but it does not hurt us all equally. Low income communities and communities of color continue to suffer disproportionately, often because of their close proximity to the dirtiest sources of pollution. Carbon pollution leads to higher rates of asthma, cancer, and pollution-related diseases, and contributes to devastating climate change.

But here’s the kicker: the cost of carbon pollution is not free. Currently, the public is paying to treat the many side effects of the fossil fuel industry’s dirty pollution: increased health care costs, the cost of clean up from super storms that result from climate change, increased cost of produce due to severe weather effects on agriculture, and decreased property values, to name a few of the ways.

It’s time to reverse this trend and hold polluters accountable.

Green For All is working to win fair and just carbon pricing policies across the country that curb carbon emissions, recover value for public benefit by making polluters pay, and drive green economy investments into the hardest hit communities.


To learn more about our #PollutersPay campaign, contact Michelle Romero at

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