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Vien Truong
Director, GreenForAll

Van Jones
Founder of DreamCorps

Rapper, Actor

Big Sean


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Think the Flint Water Crisis is over? Nope. 

When Michigan Governor Rick Snyder decided to cut corners to save money and switched Flint's water supply to the Flint River, he sent water so toxic into Flint homes that it rotted the pipes, poisoned the city, and created a crisis. 

Three years later, the pipes are still not fixed! 

And this injustice is growing. 

The government says it could take three more years to fix the pipes. Meanwhile, the utility company has now begun shutting the water off to people’s homes for not paying their water bills. Can you imagine six years without clean water in your home?

Enough is enough. We have to fix the pipes.

Green For All is stepping up and we need your help. We have launched the #FixThePipes campaign to raise money to fix the pipes for families in need. 

For every $10k we raise, we can fix the pipes in one home. And we have a lot of homes to fix.  

There’s no amount too small. With your support, we have the ability to help people now, not three years from now. 


Let’s come together. 

Let’s demand justice.  

Let’s fix the pipes.



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