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New Music Video: Green Anthem

Posted by Ada McMahon at Feb 02, 2009 06:15 PM |

Check out this new music video by Tem Blessed and Ben Gilbarg, out of New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Tem Blessed works for Youth Build New Bedford, which teaches life skills and job training in construction to youth.  Youth Build New Bedford now has a green jobs component -- the youth perform energy audits and retrofits.

Tem and Ben have a long history with Green For All.  They brought a group from New Bedford to The Dream Reborn conference last Spring, and organized an event for Green Jobs Now, our national day of action.  Tem is also a Green For All Academy Fellow.

In fact, the mural in the music video was painted by New Bedford youth during their Green Jobs Now event:

Youth Build New Bedford Energy Audits (Green Jobs Now)

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