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Green For All in D.C. to call for Good Jobs, Green Jobs

Posted by Ada McMahon at Feb 19, 2009 12:55 PM |

Green For All Academy Fellows on Capitol Hill

On February 4th-6th, more than 2,500 people gathered in Washington, DC for the Good Jobs, Green Jobs 2009 conference, hosted by the Blue Green Alliance.  The Conference brought together folks from the Labor and Environmental movements, to forge the national agenda for green jobs. 

Green For All produced a track of the conference, featuring workshops, plenaries, and cultural performances.  We also brought along a couple hundred of our friends and allies, including 28 fellows from the Green For All Academy.

On Friday, February 6th, the Academy Fellows took to Capitol Hill and met with their members of Congress. These leaders advocated for green jobs in their communities.

Van Jones's Plenary Speech

Profile of an Academy Fellow: Naomi Davis


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This is Wonderful!!!!!

Posted by Kevin Lockett at Feb 19, 2009 01:46 PM
This is exactly what we need in this country.

In Ohio, I started a green jobs platform to help our residents find needed green jobs.

Kevin Lockett

The Dream!

Posted by James Staples at Feb 19, 2009 03:22 PM
I LOVE to see all these young (or not so young) 'not white people' getting into this stuff! But then I'm a white guy whose been fighting the Klan - in the name of YOUR Civil Rights, People - since I was 17; and I paid a STEEP price for my activism during the Dark Ages of the Ashcroft DOJ (he was a Klansman from Missouri, remember!), as I'm disabled and on SSD and thus I made an easy target for retribution!
Seeing this - YOU - along with Barack Obama taking the Oath, makes it all worth it!!!
Now I just need a Special Prosecutor - and an appology from some of the Black Seperatist A-holes who helped OUR enemies do me in - so I can get us some Justice!
Sorry, if that's a bit off subject; but I just want you to know what some white people have been put through for YOU - as many of you don't seem to know, or Care!

"Way to go!"

Posted by Gwen Bungart at Feb 19, 2009 04:14 PM
It's pretty exciting to see people make the effort to make things happen instead of sitting back and just watching without giving real support.


Posted by LaBelleDominique at Feb 19, 2009 05:22 PM
I am overjoyed and heartened that all this is coming to pass! My full support for these endeavors is assured.

inclusive not exclusive

Posted by INCLUSIVE at Feb 20, 2009 10:08 AM
Hopefull to see new rising young people getting a clue and a voice. Green is a color for everyone a color that will pull people together and benefit the poorest of our citizens with new hope and new direction. Van Jones asking if the human community will be like locust consuming everything in its path with no thought of what will happen when the food is gone. This is the conspicuous consumption consumerism of our culture and furtile fields for grand theft billionaire tycoons bringing down the world economy. A new kind of responsibility has to be recognized. No matter how little money you have it matters a lot how you spend it. The green revolution needs to start at ground zero. Inner city neighborhoods devastated by banking master plans to steal the land need to be reclaimed by the people being pushed off. Have'nt we learned in the past the violence only builds more prisons. Really folks same old story, same old story. The new green future includes responsibilty for greening our culture as much as our land. Get rid of the pollution of crime, drugs, and boose and the mentallity that it's OK to get free rent at the big house. The rot of our environment represents how we think about others and bad will in our hearts. This is how we get our land back. The ancestors that Naomi Davis spoke of were poor and but they fought for hope and cared about the earth and the animals on it. It's time to take responsibility for the human family. You never got anything valuable without the help of everyone even your very life. Inclusive not exclusive that is the path to power and change.

Young movements

Posted by Kat Haber at Feb 20, 2009 09:18 AM
Love that young people are taking a stand for the jobs you want to be doing, the places you care about, and the conversation you want your representatives to be engaged in! If you are most passionate about Wild places in America or globally, please visit and consider applying for a SCHOLARSHIP TO THE 9TH WORLD WILDERNESS CONGRESS. Your energy, enthusiasm, and commitment are needed and valued.