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New Video from Newark: Weatherize!!

Posted by Ryan Dexter at Jan 27, 2009 11:41 AM |

Last week I reported on Newark, NJ's new program to  provide union-trained green construction jobs in weatherizing the homes of low-income seniors

Here's a new video I just cut, from the launch of the program. 

Read my original post.

Ryan Dexter is the Videographer and Media Archivist for Green For All


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Mayor Booker Right on Target

Posted by Lisa B. Eisenbud at Jan 29, 2009 11:11 AM
Mayor Booker on Target with Green Jobs Recovery

The economy is on “life support” and there is no shortage of confusion about what the “standard of care” should be. Policymakers are puzzling over top down infusions of cash that seem to bring no detectable improvements to the people who need relief or to the growing number of sick businesses. One treatment for massive recovery is evident in the streets of Newark, NJ, Richmond, CA and scores of cities around the country. Going green in construction and lending or investing in green is a safe and solid approach in risky times. President Obama clearly supports a green collar infrastructure stimulus and understands the exponential economic, environmental and anti-poverty gains for America. Mayor Booker’s leadership and keen vision to dig in and start demonstrating success, with real working people is right on target. Green for All, Van Jones trumps all the Wall Street talking heads when it comes to making recovery real. Green for All should be commended for proving large-scale replication of growing jobs from the ground up will produce sustainability and prosperity.

Lisa B. Eisenbud

Eisenbud is a former NJ state official now working freelance as a recruiter and consultant. She is a lifelong advocate for youth and on social and environmental justice issues.