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College Ambassador Program

Green For All is working to reframe the face of environmentalism. Critical to this success is cultivating the next generation of green leaders, particularly youth from communities of color who have the most to gain from a clean-energy economy. The Green For All College Ambassador program provides a focused vehicle to foster young, green-economy champions. The program follows the academic calendar and runs on fifteen historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The Ambassadorship consists of expert trainings, a mentorship program in partnership with Green For All Academy Fellows, student-led green education workshops, and a semester long campus sustainability initiative created and carried out by the Ambassadors with support from students, faculty and Green For All.

Through the Green For All Ambassador program, we hope to provide the tools and support that will allow students to step up to new levels of leadership. Through their leadership we will expand the base of students calling for sustainable changes and green economic development, and create real change throughout the HBCU system. The students who have successfully finished serving their terms can be found on the College Ambassador Alumni page.

Welcome to the College Ambassador program!

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