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2012 Mentorship Class

Green for All has partnered with Accenture for our second Business Mentorship Program. Below, learn more about Accenture’s mentors and the Green For All entrepreneurs that they will be working with.



Alterra Energy Services, Inc. - Philip Palmer

Alterra Energy is a green energy company with the mission of supplying institutional customers with renewable fuels and best practices that promote a cleaner and healthier environment.

Efficiency International, LLC - John Ditto and Janell Lofton-Minta

Efficiency International, LLC (parent company of AAA Client Services, LLC) delivers energy saving solutions through home and building efficiency consulting services, sustainability construction retrofits, and green workforce training & development. With more than 15 years of experience providing high quality energy efficiency solutions, Efficiency International has the breadth and depth of technical expertise to develop the energy management solution that is best for each client. Efficiency International’s mission is to provide the tools to create a more sustainable planet for the next generation, stay on the leading edge of the innovative energy industry, and elevate others through job creation and workforce training, education and development.

Ecolibrium3 - Jodi Slick

Ecolibrium3 assists individuals, businesses, and communities in northeastern Minnesota in the creation of environmental and economic solutions for a sustainable future. Our flagship project, the Duluth Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP), accomplishes this mission by working with households, contractors, utilities, and communities to reduce residential energy use through the coordination of training, bidding and contracting, home-performance assessments, financial incentive bundling, and post-improvement quality assurance. Ecolibrium3 also applies our technical expertise in the areas of energy awareness and broader environmental sustainability to help businesses and communities develop sustainability programs and projects that accomplish economic and environmental development goals.

Empowering a Green Environment and Economy (EGE2) - Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Empowering a Green Environment and Economy (EGE2 - “ege squared”) is a multi-faceted consulting team with a mission to “make environmental stewards out of everyday people”. EGE2 has four main areas of service: assessing environmental efficiency and program evaluation; event greening; grant writing for environmentally themed projects; tailored technical training, and curriculum development. Our goal is to empower individuals, community-based organizations and small businesses to consider environmentally responsible thinking in their personal and professional practices. Our management team has worked in the academic, non-profit, for-profit and government sectors. We have a passion for utilizing our diversity of experiences to provide common-sense solutions, build successful collaborations, and empower organizations to tackle environmental challenges that will improve the physical environment and enhance the green economy.

Green Global LLC - David Ochi

Starting out in 2007, Green Global LLC has been an R & D company developing, testing, and implementing myriads of combinations of renewable energy products including a variety of solar blankets, inverters/micro-inverters, wind turbines, LEDs and hydropower units. Our bottom-line parameters were simple - to determine which technologies yielded the best cost-to-benefit results and is pragmatic in large real world applications, particularly cities and municipalities. With decades of experience and knowledge in energy and business solutions, our team has successfully formed several product lines that are both, cost-effective and scalable to cities and municipalities with active installations in several municipalities and states. Along with our efficient solutions, we also meter and record several metrics in several database systems. We data mine the data tracked to constantly fine-tune, improve, and create detailed maintenance plans for the systems in varying environments. Green Global allows any city the opportunity to “GO GREEN”, save money, and improve infrastructure efficiency. A real world Win-Win!

Green in Greene Inc. - Jessica Abrams

Origany, Inc. - Raj Sardesh

As a company we pride ourselves on our environmentally conscious clothing for children from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. We call it "Clothing Made Organic by Nature." Origany’s founder and parent himself holds a belief that today’s parents view their environment as well as fashion in a "green" context. Green has become the new black! All Origany children’s clothes are made from 100% certified organic cotton in either India or Peru, from cotton grown in respective country. All apparel is made with low-impact eco-friendly dyes that minimize the environmental impact. Starting in February 2012, we will be also treating all garments with bio-wash for superior luxurious feel and comfort while using only eco-friendly soap. Bio-washed garments protect the skin from various ailments such as acne, allergy, eczema, chronic itching, etc. that can be caused by chemicals found in other washes. Bio-wash is entirely chemical free. Origany is Green America certified and compliant with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). GOTS ensures the organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and social responsible practices from manufacturing to labeling.

People's Community Market - Brahm Ahmadi

People’s Community Market (PCM) will be a neighborhood retail store in West Oakland that supports the health and social well-being of low income families through quality food products, in-store services, and positive social interactions. We will cater to the unique preferences and cultural interests of the local area and make it convenient for residents to buy fresh, prepared and ethnic foods at affordable prices in their own neighborhood. Our product offering will focus on perishable and recurrent goods purchased repeatedly between less frequent, larger shopping trips. Our fresh foods will include produce, meat, seafood, and dairy items sourced from directly from producers. Our full-service deli will offer prepared ethnic foods in Southern, Cajun and Latino culinary traditions. We will also strive to be “More Than a Grocery Store” by offering resources and supports for improving health and fostering positive social connections.

ReMix Recycling - Ashley Parker

Founded in July 2009, ReMix Recycling LLC is a woman owned, minority owned recycling company located in Atlanta, GA. The premise of ReMix Recycling was built upon the need for recycling collection services accommodating urban developments. Through ReMix, communities, businesses, corporations and events are embracing the triple bottom line. Socially, they are taking accountability for promoting responsibility. Economically, they are not burdened with overpriced operations and the demand of recycling goods. Environmentally, they are diverting goods from the landfills. We recognize the importance of not only supporting the emergent industry of recycling and promoting sustainable jobs but also in “recycling lives”. Our mission is to support, train and employ men and women suffering from homelessness and unemployment. Through job creation and work-readiness programming, we offer these individuals the tools to stay competitive in a budding industry while empowering these individuals to act as catalysts for change within their own communities.

Rock and Wrap It Up! - Syd Mandelbaum

Rock and Wrap It Up! is an award-winning, anti-poverty think tank. Using greening tactics, we recover food and other assets to give to agencies fighting poverty, increasing their operating budgets. This allows the agencies to hire more services such as tutors, social workers, job placement counselors and mental health counselors to attack the root cause of poverty. Our work supports over 43,000 agencies in North America. We work in music, sports, schools, hotels, entertainment, and do public advocacy in the House and Senate. Our partnerships include 150 music bands, 75 Professional Sports Franchises including the entire National Hockey League, colleges like Columbia, UCLA, Fordham University, Hotel chains including Marriott, Grand Hyatt, Sheraton, Film and television producers NBC/Universal and HBO. We wrote and helped pass the 2008 Federal Food Donation Act, which encourages all federal agencies and buildings to feed the poor and not put food into landfill. We reduce the planet’s poverty footprint by reducing society’s carbon footprint.

The Gaia Group Inc - Kareem Dale

The Gaia Group specializes in providing customized residential and commercial energy management and sustainability solutions through a hands on personal approach we assess clients energy usage and provide streamlined solutions to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase occupant satisfaction, and lower operating costs. The Gaia Group also provides program management services for municipalities as well as public utilities.

The Green Science Academy, LLC - Kelle Lynch McMahon

The Green Science Academy [TGSA] is a local woman owned company founded in 2009. TGSA is focused on vocational training and certification for the construction & design industry, environmental policy, water management, and safety. TGSA's mission is to provide resources to individuals that will enable them to reduce their overall carbon footprint on the plant. Secondly, TGSA believes that by having access to information individuals can become empowered to changing their environment and learn how they can save our planet. TGSA's vision is to ensure that our students have access to the most current information on eco friendly practices. TGSA also works very closely with various colleges and universities who are developing the latest technologies and practical applications for recycling, the manufacturing of goods and services which allows TGSA to provide training and education to individuals to compete in the green economy job market.

The Sustainable Design Group - Mary Alford

The Sustainable Design Group is an architectural and engineering firm that specializes in reduced carbon footprint design of towns, neighborhoods, homes and mixed use buildings through infill, innovation, and the creative use of space and place. We are comprised of both employees and subcontracting affiliated professionals and we provide visioning and design services, sustainable architecture and innovative engineering, green certification and project management, to individuals, builders, developers, consultants, municipalities and utilities. Through our group of affiliated professionals we strive to save clients money through collaboration and efficient management to deliver our projects on time, on budget and meeting the green specifications required.

Washme-Envigreen Corporation - Tanya Killian

Washme-Envigreen provides environmentally friendly automotive, janitorial and dry carpet cleaning services while establishing long-term business practices with businesses, federal and utility companies. Washme-Envigreen products contain low volatile organic compounds, which exceed current environmental standards and tailored to provide a superior service. Washme-Envigreen further provides mentoring and workforce development training that leads to jobs within a green-related industry.

Well Worthy Concepts, LLC - Joy Edmondson

Well Worthy Concepts is a visionary cause communications company that exists to empower sustainable communities from print to practice. In print, we offer thousands of goods—from earth-friendlier and US-made to culturally competent and fair trade—that can be custom imprinted with a logo, photo or other message for a range of organizational and business needs. With our wholesale pricing, Well Worthy clients rely on us for cost-effective solutions for conference and event souvenirs, awards, health promotions, uniforms, packaging, campaign promotions, resale merchandise and much more. In practice, Well Worthy is committed to advancing sustainability in its environmental, economic and social dimensions for all stakeholders. We live this commitment as we help clients align their purchasing practices with their social purpose, create green jobs and innovate enterprise philanthropy targeting low-wealth stakeholders and continually scale our own capacity to operate sustainably from print to practice.


Tony Alati, Director of Operations (Detroit)

Tony is an experienced business operator dealing with most functional aspects of the business to help grow sales and keep costs in check. He is an effective leader, team builder and communicator with the ability to create high performing teams focused on achieving common goals. Tony has extensive experience in Talent Management/Human Resources and all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

David Dirmish, Director of Shared Services Operations (Chicago)

David is a Service Delivery executive with experience in Finance, Accounting, Marketing & Communications, Human Resources and Facilities & Services. He has expertise in overall operations with an HR masters degree and 7 years of industry experience as an HR Director. Extensive experience in managing large projects and teams.

Kevin Singel, Senior Director (Denver)

Kevin is a business leader with over 20 years of experience organizing and operating business units of up to 1000 people including hiring, staff management/direction, financial management, customer service and quality improvement. He has an excellent ability to understand client business needs and service expectations, and translating them into operational direction and improvement. Kevin has deep experience in information technology and corporate training services as well as extensive experience advising, consulting and building HR systems/organizations.

Jeffrey T. Miers, Senior Executive (Houston)

As Senior Executive in Accenture’s Global Energy Practice, Jeff serves on the leadership team of Accenture’s Global Gas group within the Energy practice. He currently leads work in gas and LNG at large international energy companies while also supporting growth of Accenture’s gas practice in Europe, China, West Africa, Middle East and Australia. Jeff’s focus is on helping his clients develop and execute business strategies through delivery of new or re-engineered business processes and systems.

Michael Nicholus, Global Environment Director (Chicago)

As Accenture’s Global Environment Director, Michael is responsible for promoting programs to measure and manage the Environment impact across Accenture’s operations in over 50 countries. Collaborating with talented and passionate individuals selected from a 244,000+ global workforce, he drives the global ISO 14001 strategy as well as building efforts reflective of LEED, BREEAM and other environmental certification principles. Michael drives a hybrid with “LO CO2” on the license plate, and cultivates a small Praying Mantis army around his house as an alternative to toxic pesticides.

Stephan Bonnaire, Senior Manager Business Intelligence (DC)

Stephan has over 15 years experience in developing and implementing business strategies in such areas as cost and performance improvement through new or re-engineered business processes and systems. With an international background and a passion for sustainability, Stephan is well aware of green trends and looks forward to leveraging his environmental sustainability experience and best practices to support the mentorship program.

Terry M. Maxey, Senior Executive (San Francisco)

Senior Executive and Global Lead for infrastructure and technology offerings for large capital build programs serving utilities, energy and chemical and natural resource companies. Terry has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry with a focus and expertise in performance improvement, asset management and information systems, engineering and maintenance programs and nuclear power design and operations.

Brad Condon, Senior Manager (Indianapolis)

Brad has over 15 years of experience with complex systems implementation and growth projects for Accenture. Brad has been involved in implementations for the Automotive, Retail, Medical, Chemical, and Industrial Equipment industries as well as the Federal Government. He has experience with all areas of business operations including retailing, shop floor management, warehousing, financials, and procurement. Brad’s key strengths are forming high-performing teams, estimating and work-planning, creating planning materials, and managing complex issues and risks.

Adam T. Cooper, Senior Manager Sustainability Services (Boston)

Adam is a leader in the area of sustainability strategy consulting and has 13 years of experience designing and implementing solutions for commercial and public sector clients. He leads the North American Sustainability Performance Management services in Accenture’s management consulting practice. He has a broad range of expertise in program development and management, project management, business process improvement, strategic planning, strategic communications, and change management. He has a deep technical background in sustainability strategy and program development, sustainability stakeholder engagement, carbon management, environmental policy analysis and regulatory interpretation.

Mark C. Anderson, Director of US Local Markets (Chicago)

As the Accenture Director of US Local Markets and Chicago, Mark and his team work with 30 US office locations and drive local presence, client relationship, community service and employee engagement strategies. Mark serves on Accenture’s US Geographic Leadership Team. Mark also has 15 years of experience with Accenture’s Retail & Consumer Goods client service organization, with clients such as Sears Roebuck, Kraft Foods, Helen Curtis, Best Buy, Target, The Gap, and Eddie Bauer. Mr. Anderson’s expertise is in merchandising strategies, inventory management, supply chain optimization, retail analytics and program management.

Jonathan M. Tuteur, Senior Manager (DC)

Jon is a Senior Manager in Accenture’s Federal Government practice. He has experience with Supply Chain, Change Management, Training, Communications, and Business Development. Jon has extensive experience in managing large projects and teams, and leading large proposal efforts. He also has HR and broad business strategy consulting experience.

Elfije Lemaitre, Senior Manager (DC)

Elfije leads Accenture’s North America Energy Strategy community. Her focus is on helping her clients develop and execute business strategies, with specialty focus on downstream, chemicals, and midstream / natural gas in the energy industry, and non-profits and federal / defense outside of the energy industry. Elfije’s functional expertise includes market analysis, growth strategy design, operational efficiency analysis, business process re-engineering, organization design, and large-scale project management.

Paul Jaminet, Operations Lead (Denver)

Paul is a business professional with over 20 years experience in engineering, management consulting, and operations/back office management. His industry experience has been centered on design and test engineering, while his consulting skills focused on continuous improvement-based operational transformations. Paul’s operations expertise is in “standing up” and maturing back office functions (finance, HR, recruiting, R&D, IT, and capability development) in support of fast-growth consulting businesses.

Tina Donovan, Market Development Director (San Francisco)

Tina leads the Market Development effort for the Northern California region, identifying and leading new business opportunities and building Accenture’s brand in the local marketplace. With over 15 years of Accenture experience, she has served a number of communications and high tech clients, and has a broad range of experiences including acting as Chief of Staff for over 1900 employees and program managing large-scale global initiatives. Justine Zang, Senior Manager (San Fran) – Justine is a Global Channel Director responsible for driving Accenture’s worldwide business strategy with key technology partners. With over 15 years of experience, she has worked across multiple industries including health care, financial services, and technology. Justine’s focus is on clearly articulating business strategy and driving out differentiated assets and offerings for a wide variety of clients and markets. She has worked with multiple not-for-profits and small businesses in the Bay Area and the Greater Boston area.

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