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Retrofit America's Cities

Green For All is developing a Community of Practice, (learning network) to support the creation of municipal-scale programs for energy retrofits of building stock. As part of the Retrofit America's Cities Community of Practice, Green For All is partnering with COWS on the Efficiency Cities Network. The Efficiency Cities Network is intended to support government staff, researchers, technical assistance providers, non-profit organizations and others that are currently active in or committed to energy retrofitting in their cities. Members of this network will be able to access conference calls, webinars and printed resources on how to bring such programs to scale. Members of the network are encouraged to share their own experiences, policy prescriptions, and best practices.

The Retrofit America’s Cities Community of Practice links stakeholders working to create city-scale energy efficiency programs that they may advance their programs more efficiently with the support of the community. The Community of Practice focuses on:

  • Strategies to overcome the barriers to a viable market for energy efficiency, including:
    • Increasing the demand for efficiency upgrades among consumers
    • Creating financial tools to increase access to upgrades by consumers 
    • Ensuring that efficiency improvements are consistently high quality
  • Tactics to create high quality, family-supporting jobs available to a growing pool of diverse contractors and employees.

The Retrofit America’s Cities Community of Practice is led by a working group of national experts and leading practitioners that are creating energy efficiency programs in their own communities. This group works together to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising in the field.

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Green For All partnered with the Center on Wisconsin Strategies (COWS) to create the Efficiency Cities Network, a network of government staff, researchers, non-profit organizations and others seeking technical assistance on how to bring efficiency programs to scale in their cities. Members of the Retrofit America's Cities Community of Practice can participate in Efficiency Cities Network National Learning Calls and are encouraged to share their own policy prescriptions and best practices.

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