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Green Pathways Out of Poverty

The Green Pathways Out of Poverty Community of Practice links practitioners interested in green job training and workforce development initiatives to prepare disenfranchised and under-represented groups for careers in the green economy.

Discussion forums, learning calls and resources shared within the Community of Practice focus on answering the following questions:

  • What resources are available to create and sustain effective training programs?
  • How does one connect graduates to green careers?
  • What strategies exist to remove barriers to training and employment?
  • What curriculum and certifications prepare trainees for green collar jobs?

Each year, Green For All convenes a working group of national experts and leading practitioners to meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities within the field. This working group continues to work with Green For All throughout the year to identify challenges facing the field and lift up best practices with the potential to address these challenges.


In 2011 Green For All will extend the focus of the Pathways Out of Poverty Community of Practice to the issues facing youth in the green economy.

Learn more about our 2011 focus on creating Youth Employment and Leadership Ladders (YELL) »


In 2010, Green For All convened a working group of leaders focused on creating green career pathways for individuals re-entering the workforce after incarceration.

Find resources and learn more about our 2010 Green Pathways to Re-entry working group »

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