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Book & Video Guide

Video Discussion Guide

We have provided you with a chapter by chapter video guide with the author on this page. Please bookmark this web page and use this interactive tool to complement the book guide.
Van talks about The Green Collar Economy, chapter by chapter. (Click twice to start.)

Meet Van Jones

Foreword, by RFK Jr.

Book Introduction

The Dual Crisis

The Fourth Quadrant


The Green New Deal

The Future Is Now

The Government Question

Buoyancy & Hope

Thank you for your interest in The Green Collar Economy and for taking the next step of using the book to generate discussion and action.

We hope book groups, classrooms, and community groups can use these tools to educate and inform your community about real solutions that can lift people out of poverty and save the earth at the same time.

Start a Book Club or Host a Gathering

If you want to form a book group, we recommend Oprah's website for resources on how to start one. But you don’t need to start a formal group. You can just invite some friends over, open your computer, and play the video to start a discussion.

A Living Movement

As you open The Green Collar Economy you become part of a living, growing movement for green jobs. We want to share some of the beauty of what has happened so far. On September 27th, 2008 almost 50,000 people called for Green Jobs Now at a national day of action to put the green economy on the national agenda, through 674 events in all 50 states and Puerto Rico! Watch success stories from the Green Collar Economy.


We want to know what you think about The Green Collar Economy, the book and video guide and green jobs now. Tell us what you think! Send photos of your book group or school. We would especially love emails and videos (via YouTube) of your thoughts, or any actions you are inspired to take.

Send your favorite quotes from the book, feedback, thoughts and photos to [email protected].