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Pre-Apprenticeship: Best Practices, Best Results

Seattle Vocational Institute Pre-apprenticeship Construction Training (PACT) helps to meet the demand for green-collar workers in the construction trades by preparing low-income people for family-wage career opportunities in commercial construction. SVI PACT has been working for 10 years to develop best practices for pre-apprenticeship. PACT graduates enter the apprenticeships for carpenters, ironworkers, electricians, plumbers, laborers, and 10 other construction trades.

Located at the intersection of Seattle’s most diverse neighborhoods, Seattle Vocational Institute Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training (SVI PACT) is an effective pre-apprenticeship training program focusing on low-income minorities and women.  An often overlooked step in the training process, pre-apprenticeship training addresses the skills gaps that prevent acceptance into construction trade apprenticeships. The most common barriers are low math skills, lack of knowledge of the different trades, poor work skills, and no driver’s license.

While curriculum is important to pre-apprenticeship, the key is the relationship that is built between the training staff and the student.  PACT strives for an environment of trust and respect combined with high standards that mirror the construction industry.  This relationship begins with the first contact with the student.  Separating recruitment, training and support services undermines this relationship.

The PACT model has been extremely successful.  90% of students graduate.  90% of graduates enter trade apprenticeships, and the retention rate for PACT trained apprentices is 10% higher than the national average.

Apprenticeship, the original 4-year degree, combines on the job work experience, excellent pay and top-notch skills training.  In Washington State, the average wage of apprenticeship graduates is $52,377 compared to an average wage for college graduates (4-year degree) of $51,206.  The trades also provide full benefits packages including retirement.

SVI PACT Mission Statement:  Providing opportunity to those most in need while meeting the demand in the local construction industry for qualified, well-trained workers.

For more information contact:
2120 S. Jackson Street
Seattle, WA  98144

Diane Davies, PACT Administrator
[email protected]

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