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The "Green Dream" Weatherization Fund

We are calling on Congress must authorize a crash program to weatherize and retrofit America’s homes -- NOW.

Why Weatherize?

Millions of Americans' houses leak heat and waste energy, driving their home heating costs through the roof. Making these homes more energy efficient would reduce utility bills, create jobs, add real value to our homes, save energy, and be good for the planet.

It will also help keep American families warm in the winter.

How to Get It Done

Congress is already planning to pass an economic stimulus bill after the election in November. We are calling on Congress to "green" the stimulus bill by setting up a "green dream" fund for home energy savings.

Wall Street is getting nearly a trillion dollars in federal money to fix the mistakes of the past.  Congress should also invest a few billion in everyday Americans to help them create the solutions of the future.

  1. You get energy-saving home improvements through a federal "green dream" fund -- without paying up-front costs or going into debt.
  2. The retrofit work pours money into the local economy -- contractors, supplies, etc. -- which creates a lot of community jobs.
  3. You get a warmer house and a lower utility bill.

And unlike the Wall Street bailout, this program pays for itself.  The government gets most of its money back over time from savings in energy costs, paid through those utility bills.


This winter, we can stay warmer, use less energy, create more jobs, and revitalize communities all at the same time — with a federal "green dream" program.  And we can make sure the next bailout is one we can all support — a bailout for the people and the planet.

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