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Same Legacy, New Generation

Posted by Brittany Stallsworth, Green For All College Ambassador, Howard University at Dec 16, 2011 01:36 PM |
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We hope to create a lasting project that can help Howard University to generate its own revenue and food source. The true test of a people is being able to sustain themselves.

Same Legacy, New Generation



My experience as a Green For All Ambassador has equipped me with many of the tools necessary to be a great organizer and an exceptional leader. And it's a good thing, given what we're trying to accomplish.

One of two College Ambassadors at Howard University in Washington, DC, our workshops this year are centered on Environmental and Food Justice and food preparation. We have chosen these topics because we believe that, as people of color, it is important to educate our fellow students on the importance of healthy eating, food accessibility, and quality of food. It has been a challenging experience, but one that I am enjoying. 

We plan to help run Howard’s community garden throughout the winter and in the spring, hoping to create a lasting project that can help the university generate its own revenue and food source. Using compost for heat - and for profit - we will be able to grow, eat, and sell our own crops right on our campus. 

The true test of a people is being able to sustain themselves. Through this project, we hope to help Howard University begin to become more independent and healthier. Howard University is historically at the center of social justice movements and change. The environmental and sustainability movements are slower going - but they are, without a doubt, going. Our goal as Green For All Ambassadors is to expedite them in a way that is beneficial to our student body.

Nothing excites me more than the idea of the only Black student-run garden in the District Columbia. Certainly, we are helping to continue to build on the legacy that Howard University prides itself on. I am beyond excited and proud to be a part of making Howard University sustainable - and green


Brittany Stallsworth — Howard University

Brittany Stallworth is a native of Detroit, Michigan. Currently, She is a junior biology major at Howard University. She has been active in her community since the tender age of 14. Read Brittany's full profile »

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