Water is Life

By Maritza Martinez

KI Eco Center youth entrepreneurs assemble a rain barrel prototype.

KI Eco Center youth entrepreneurs assemble a rain barrel prototype.

Access to clean water is vital for a healthy life. We tend to think about water scarcity issues as a crisis only in developing nations. But we have a water crisis right here in the U.S., too. We have crumbling and inefficient water infrastructure.  We waste 1.5 trillion gallons of water each year just because of broken water mains. Thirty-six states are expected to suffer from water shortages in the next five years alone.  We urgently need to address these problems. 

The good news is that communities all over America are taking action to make sure we are prepared for water insecurity in the coming years. We are making progress on rebuilding our water infrastructure—and creating jobs in the process.  In Onondaga County, New York, the Save the Rain program is embracing green infrastructure solutions to wet weather problems. In Indianapolis, the KI Eco Center launched a rain barrel program employing community members and saving rainwater for later use. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District is mandating green infrastructure to collect and absorb storm water.  And in New Mexico, Green For All Fellows from the Southwest Organizing Project and Tewa Women United are hosting local events in honor of World Water Day to draw attention to water scarcity issues in the Southwest.

Join Green For All and our partners in calling attention to the challenges and solutions in your community around water.  Let’s make sure we safeguard this vital resource—because water is life.

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