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    Hi there, I am a painter and an environmental advocate based out of Oakland, CA. I am planning a major solo show in March that raises money for reforestation. (25% of the proceeds will go towards an organization that funds reforestation). The work will also be conceptually centered around themes of our time such as ubiquitious waste problems, etc, and will honor naturalist painters of the past. I am launching a kickstarter in order to fund the creation of the paintings, and I am wondering if your organization would like to promote this event. The kickstarter will launch on or shortly after October 1. Feel free to scope out my previous work here: joelleprovost.com Many thanks for considering, and I look forward to hearing back from you.
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    Hello, as one who’s been inspired to empower home owners with economical and reliable energy augmentation that they control. How it it possible to be a conduit between providing service and the end user?
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    Hi I came across greenforall in the documentary “Catching the Sun” and was inspired by the work being done to help low-income communities through solar. What volunteer options exist for those who want to get involved? I work at Flextronics, the largest developer of solar modules outside China, and could maybe bring some unique insights to the table. Thanks.