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Recovery Act Information Center - from The Apollo Alliance
A comprehensive clearinghouse of information related to the clean energy, green jobs and the Recovery Act.

Less Carbon More Jobs  - from the Environmental Defense Fund
Those stuck in the old pollution-based economy pretend that a much-needed cap on carbon will do nothing but cause problems for the economy. Check out Environmental Defense Fund's look at how the carbon cap will create jobs and economic growth in 12 states, including: IN, AR, CO, FL, GA, MI, MO, OH, VA, NH, PA, TN.

Put a Stop to Stimulus Fraud
Common Cause has seen powerful lobbyists and crooked contractors spoil even the most promising federal investment projects. They are raising money to launch a national grassroots effort to make sure that doesn't happen to President Obama's recovery plan. Click the link above to get the ball rolling.

Ahead of the Curve: States Lead on Climate Change - from the Sea Studios Foundation
Climate change may be a national and international problem, but individual states are stepping up to do their part. Check out this 14-minute film about state leadership on climate policy with a focus on MN, FL, AZ, MD, including interviews with all four Governors.

Clean Energy Choices - from the Sierra Club
State clean energy success stories from 9 states, including: CO, MN, NV, NH, NM, OH, OR, VA, WI

Sierra Club State Economic Recovery Project Forum - from the Sierra Club

Information from the Sierra Club on the Recovery Act from an environmental advocacy and activism perspective.


Laying the Foundation for Implementing a Federal Energy Efficiency Resource Standard - from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Many of us know that energy efficiency measures have a ton of potential to save — and make — money while creating jobs. This report lays out how to turn that potential into real economic benefit for the entire country.

High Road or Low Road?  Job Quality in the New Green Economy - from Change to Win, Sierra Club, the Laborers International Union of North America, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
We don't just want green jobs for people, we want good jobs. This report looks at job creation in different sectors and states and concludes that smart policies can make green jobs quality jobs, but that the link is by no means automatic.

Weatherization: A Test Case - from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
This report looks at what it will take to meet President Obama's goal of weatherizing 2 million homes — and what challenges the program must overcome. The report concludes that this expansion of the federal weatherization program can indeed stimulate the economy and create jobs, but only if done well. Read the report to find out what it would take to do it right.

Climate Change as Economic Stimulus - from the Center for Climate Strategies
An economic analysis of 20 state climate action plans scaled up to a national level. Includes discussion of the economic savings and job creating aspects of climate mitigation options.

Manufacturing Climate Solutions  - from the Building and Construction Trades Department (AFL-CIO), Industrial Union Council (AFL-CIO), International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, and Environmental Defense Fund
Think "green manufacturing" is a contradiction in terms? Think again. This report presents new research linking U.S. manufacturing jobs with selected low-carbon technologies that can help combat global warming.

Jobs from Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - from the Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Compiled fact sheet with state, national, international overviews and more specific breakdowns in different energy sectors.

Green Jobs in U.S. Metro Areas - from the U.S. Conference of Mayors/Global Insight
Wondering exactly where we are with green jobs, right now? This report gives you a current count of green jobs in the U.S. economy as well as their distribution across metropolitan areas and outlines areas of potential future growth across several broad industries.

Jumpstarting the Transit Space Race - from Reconnecting America
One of the biggest problems in our economy is how we move people and things around. It's expensive, inefficient, and burns a lot of oil, contributing mightily to the environmental crisis. This report looks at various plans to reorganize transit throughout the country — and what it would take to get them done. The conclusion: a transit building program on the scale of the program that built the Interstate Highways after World War II would create needed jobs while helping solve many of the biggest challenges facing this country.

Green Recovery: A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy - from the Center for American Progress / Political Economy Research Institute
This report lays out the fundamental argument of the green jobs movement: that major investment in a Green Recovery program can create jobs, revitalize the economy and resolve the ecological crisis.

Job Opportunities in the Green Economy - from the Natural Resources Defense Council / Political Economy Research Institute
Well before the financial collapse or President Obama's recovery plan, the Natural Resources Defense Council put out this state-by-state report showing how clean energy investments would create jobs in a broad range of economic sectors.

Blue-Green Jobs - from the Blue-Green Alliance, United Steelworkers, Sierra Club, Renewable Energy Policy Project
This series of reports from late 2007 highlight the economic opportunities of a serious investment in renewable energy. The reports detail exactly how many jobs could be created at existing firms capable of manufacturing components for renewable energy equipment like wind turbines and solar panels. They give a state-by-state, county-by-county snapshot of the potential for tens of thousands of new jobs.

Cashing In on Clean Energy - from the Union of Concerned Scientists
Adopting a "20 by 20" standard — 20% of the country's electricity from renewable energy by the year 2020 — would create jobs, save consumers money, spur economic development and improve the environment. Read this report to find out how.

Building a Renewable Energy Industry: State Reports - from the Renewable Energy Policy Project
This series of reports explains how manufacturing potential is calculated. It offers detailed analysis of the potential to create jobs manufacturing the component parts for the major renewable energy technologies.  The reports examine seven states: Missouri, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, California and Ohio.

American Green Jobs – Information on the Green Jobs Training Grants
This website provides both information and the application for the EPA Brownfields Job Training Grant.

Energy Efficiency and the Conservation Block Grant

Valuable specific information on the Conservation Block Grant. Includes application information and deadlines. The $2.6 billion in formula grants are now available to U.S. states, territories, local governments and Indian tribes under the Conservation Block Grant.

Weatherization Assistance Program
A report that links to the Weatherization Assistance Program website and information on the grants and eligibility. The application is found here:

Weatherization Assistance Program Economic Stimulus Expansion Plan: Discussion Paper - from the Weatherization Assistance Program Technical Assistance Center
This helpful article outlines the planned expansion of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) in the Recovery Act. It goes over the processes for expanding the WAP network, the barriers that need to be overcome to meet the Act's goal of weatherizing one million homes per year, and the legislative or procedural changes needed to expedite the transformation of the network to produce a nearly seven-fold increase in production.

Sierra Club State Economic Recovery Project
This Sierra Club social network site collects recovery information. Updates are continuously posted and forums allow for conversation on any of the issues. Information for state specific recovery resources can be found here.

CEED Program (Community Energy & Economic Development)
Resource website that assists small - large green businesses. Contains information and resources pertaining to green business owners and those wanting to start green businesses. Provides a network and access of hundreds of small green businesses nationwide.

The Progress Report
Easy to read summaries of current recovery actions with links for additional information. Contains a ‘State Watch’ section that contains state specific information,


In the States - from The We Campaign
The We Campaign has facts, figures and stories about what is happening in each state to repower America on a clean and green footing. And they have a special focus on clean energy jobs — crucial at a time when the economy is shedding jobs by the day. These are the seeds of the green economic recovery the country needs.

State Recovery Sites - has an easy access map that directs you to the recovery sites created for your specific states. It provides easy to find information on the impact of the ARRA in your state.

California Recovery Portal

California specific information with daily updates to national policy and legislation that affects California directly.

Florida Community Development: Weatherization Program Assistance

The Weatherization Assistance Program annually provides grant funds to community action agencies, local governments, Indian tribes and non-profit agencies to provide specific program services for low-income families of Florida. These entities provide program services throughout the state.

Workforce Investment Act Allocations - Department of Labor

A spreadsheet of Formula Block Grant allocations by state for Workforce Investment Act funding. Much of the Workforce funding was allocated by March 27th, 2009.

Oklahoma Recovery and Reinvestment Website
Oklahoma specific information that has a link to an accountability and transparency site, to view where all Oklahoma funds are being dispersed to. Every section has a break down of the amount of stimulus money going into which specific sectors of Oklahoma economy.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Tribal Energy Program

The U.S. Department of Energy has a website that contains updates and information regarding energy programs for native tribes. Contains guides to the Tribal Energy Program as well.


Signature Stories - from The Apollo Alliance
Want to know what kind of projects deserve recovery funding? Check out Apollo Alliance's Success Stories, a regularly updated sampling of exciting projects in wind, solar, geothermal, efficient transit, next generation transportation, manufacturing, green building, and energy efficient, environmentally sensitive metropolitan development. And if you want more detailed, localized information, check out Apollo's local affiliates.

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