Korbin Miles

korbin-miles.jpgKorbin Miles is a third year public relations student at Florida A&M University. Korbin has been actively involved with his university ever since stepping foot on campus in the fall of 2009. Korbin served as a senator in the Student Government Association and this pass year he was appointed Student Relations Chairman for the 2010-2011 academic school year. Being in the student senate has given him the opportunity to start his own green movement on campus “Eco-Rattler” which he describes as a campus- wide initiative to push the students to live ecologically sustainable lifestyles. Through his work in the environmental movement last year he was selected as a Young People For the American Way fellow, which provided him with extensive training and guidance to further his activism in the environmental movement and help him create lasting change in his community.

FAMU College Ambassadors Korbin Miles and D.A Robin launched a campaign to centralize various student-led sustainability efforts on campus and raise eco-consciousness among the student body, staff and faculty



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