Tell Governor Snyder: Fix All of Flint’s Pipes With Local Labor

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Flint Water Crisis

What is happening in Flint is a national, man-made disaster. Gov. Snyder caused Flint’s pipes to leach lead and poison residents. Residents are now living on hundreds of bottles of water for everything from cooking and drinking to bathing.

People have lost their lives, their health, and their homes are now worth nothing. All because Governor Snyder decided saving a few dollars was worth more than the lives of 100,000 Flint residents.

We cannot sit by while politicians like Gov. Snyder and the fossil fuel industry seek to make our communities a dumping ground for waste or a ground zero for environmental experiments. For the sake of profits, they sacrifice the lives and health of low-income communities and communities of color.

We join with Flint Rising to call on Governor Snyder to #FixFlint:  

  • Replace all of the city’s pipes, and do it with local labor.

  • Repay residents for the poisoned water they purchased.

  • Provide systemic, free and accessible health and educational networks.



Mark Ruffalo, Founder of Water Defense

Van Jones, President of Dream Corps

Vien Truong, Director of Green for All

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