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Tell us your role, what you are working on, and how we can help you advance #FrontlinesFirst climate policy in your state or other questions you have.

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    I live in Tampa FLorida, Lakeland a city near by has its own power plant. Progressive would be for this city (Tampa)to begin it’s own energy source development. A resource owned by the people, for the benefit of the people, driven by service and not profit.
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    I just sent this message to PCM and am reaching out to you after hearing Michelle on the call on Wednesday: I’m coordinating with a frontline community here in Buckingham by the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and 54,000 hp compressor station.

    The minister of the two churches in that community is Pastor Paul Wilson He would be interested in being part of the press conference at 10:30 am, referenced in the Wednesday call I joined this week.

    Would you please let us know how this might happen?

    Pastor Paul’s congregations are hoping to join up with the EJ contingent.

    There are elderly members who are concerned about the accessibility details. Is there anything you can suggest beyond what is on your webpage?

    Thank you,

    Kebda Hanuman
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    Dear Climate Action Network ,

    My name is George Belmore and I am writing you from Frankfort, Indiana and although recycling is a major concern of mine, it is just part of the bigger picture in regards to saving our planet. I AM RECYCLEMAN (registered trademark) and I have put a youtube recycling music video together that I hope you will view and share with others. To view the video go to and type in George RECYCLEMAN Belmore Don’t Throw It All Away. And, if ever I can help your cause in any way please call or write.

    Sustainably yours,

    George (RECYCLEMAN) Belmore

    [email protected]