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Authors: ada Earlier today, our Field Organizer Julian McQueen sent out an email calling folks in the Green For All community to action. The gist: Right now, Mayors and local governments across the country are deciding how to spend economic recovery funds. This may be the best opportunity we'll ever have to bring green-collar jobs to our communities. We're asking you to take action in your community now. Some of you emailed back and said you were confused about what we were actually asking you to do, and why. Here are some quick answers. Please comment below if you've got further questions about taking action. Q: What are you asking ME to do? I'm not planning to organize an event... A: We ARE asking you to take action because it's so important. We ask you to do what you are able. If you don't have time to organize a big rally or another big event, just get a couple friends together and:
1. Print out our Commitment to a Green Recovery For All.
2. Go to City Hall, and ask your Mayor to sign it.
3. Bring a few friends, and take photographs outside of City Hall.
4. Another fun and EASY way to take action is to turn a photo of yourself into an "I'm Ready Icon", and deliver it along with the Commitment to your Mayor's office.
If you are up for it, organize a rally and press conference for higher impact. Media coverage and large numbers will demonstrate to your local elected officials that there is a FORCE for a GREEN RECOVERY FOR ALL in your community. If you feel uncomfortable hosting an event or a rally, you can also go to one near you. Taking action can seem challenging, especially if you don't already know your elected officials, and doubt that your voice will have an impact. But the Economic Recovery act is TOO important an opportunity to pass up, and it is in the hands of your local elected officials, right down at City Hall. Q: How do I get started? A:Register your action with us, so that other people can see what you are up to and we can offer you support. Or sign up for someone else's action: Search for events here. Then check out some resources we've made to support your actions, and to help you make sense of the Recovery Act.
  • Toolkit for local action: ideas, tips, and resources for action organizers
  • User's Guide to the Recovery Act: the nitty-gritty on the green aspects of the Recovery.
  • More Resources
Q: What's the point of taking local action? A: The point is to make sure that Economic Recovery implementation plans bring green-collar jobs and opportunity to the people and communities that need them most. Congress and President Obama approved BILLIONS of dollars in funding for weatherization projects, green jobs training, energy efficiency, and other "green" initiatives that will directly create jobs and career opportunities. Now, whether that money actually gets invested in your community, and how, is in the hands of your local elected officials. Taking action locally is your best chance to make sure the recovery funds create green jobs and pathways out of poverty for the folks in your neighborhood. More specifically, we want local Recovery implementation plans to: 1. Create quality green-collar jobs with family-supporting wages and benefits. 2. Ensure transparency and accountability through a community-based, participatory planning process with seats at the table for members of community organizations. 3. Support pathways out of poverty into self-sufficiency by maximizing career training, job training and supportive services for low-income people, people of color and women. These 3 points are in the Commitment you can bring to City Hall. More talking points are available in our Organizer's Toolkit.

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