With Estolano comes opportunity to expand L.A.’s successes nationwide

Authors: ada Last week, Green For All announced the very exciting news that Cecilia V. Estolano will be joining our team. Estolano is currently the CEO of the Community Redevelopment Agency in Los Angeles, the largest redevelopment agency in California. She will spearhead Green For All’s effort to scale public-private partnerships that grow family-supporting, green jobs in cities across the country. Working with cities to develop successful models and then sharing these models with other cities across the nation is central to Green For All’s approach to growing the green economy. Los Angeles has been at the forefront of the emerging clean-energy economy, implementing innovative policies to ensure that new economic development is good for the environment and benefits local communities. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to use Estolano’s expertise to spread the successful green development models for L.A. to cities across the nation. One such model is the landmark local hiring policy that The Community Redevelopment Agency in Los Angeles adopted for construction projects that receive financial support from the agency. This model is similar to the Green Construction Careers Demonstration Project, which Green For All, our allies, and supporters have worked to include in federal climate and clean-energy legislation in the U.S. House and Senate.

 If this policy makes it into Federal legislation, it will make new green construction projects across the nation accessible to local workers, ensuring that local communities benefit. So as we’re advancing this policy on the federal level through our advocacy efforts, we are simultaneously implementing it on the ground in cities across America. And as successful models grow out of local efforts, we can make an even better case for smart solutions and proven policies on the national level. This is exactly the kind of one-two punch we need to build a better, greener economy that works for all of our communities. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome Cecilia Estolano to our team.

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