Welcome Back to School

Authors: Philip Bump, National Campaign Director

Welcome back to school. We know, we know – school just ended. (Then again, for some of us it ended years ago.) But either way, you might have time on your hands. Which we are happy to fill. This week, we're going to be providing more information and lessons about the clean economy, while sharing the stories of students out in the field actually doing the work. We're starting with Green For All's College Ambassadors – one of whom we'll hear from each day. Stick around over the course of the week, and share the five "Lessons" and five "Profiles" with others. School's in session, folks. It's the easiest – and most fun – A you'll see in a long time.



Lesson 1: Welcome Back to School

Lesson 2: What the bleep is the Green Economy?

Lesson 3: Why is Water Important?

Lesson 4: Roots of Success for ALL

Lesson 5: Knowing is not enough


Profile 1: Meet the College Ambassadors

Profile 2: A Green Awakening

Profile 3: A Beautiful Struggle

Profile 4: Going Hard, Going Green

Profile 5: It's over already? What a year!

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