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Authors: Lashelle Moss, College Ambassador, Lane College My name is Lashelle Moss and I am a senior majoring in Sociology at Lane College, in Jackson, Tennessee. I also serve as the President of the Social Sciences Club. At the beginning of the school year, I was given the opportunity to become a Green For All College Ambassador, which I was proud to accept. I am excited to be an Ambassador for Green For All and to become a voice providing guidance to other students!

College Ambassador Lashelle Moss

My first few months as a College Ambassador have helped me realize how much improvement the world needs. My fellow Ambassador Jermell Rivera and I have been creating and discussing different methods to get students at our school involved and have decided to focus on electronic waste. You may ask why we chose electronic waste as a project. "E-waste" refers to the problem of improperly disposed-of electronics such as computers, televisions and cell phones. These devices are made with highly toxic metals, plastics and chemicals that can leach into the environment if not handled carefully. Electronics are one of the main things that college students spend money on - and waste - all the time. If we start recycling electronics, we can start to save money and stop all these chemicals from being released. This could become a major environmental and public health crisis, if we don't quickly take steps to improve recycling and disposal of electronics. After we settled on our focus area came the hard work. Finding an advisor who cared about recycling electronics wasn't easy - but after searching high and low, we found the perfect person to be involved! Next step: students - but getting our peers engaged wasn't easy either. We decided the best way to get our classmates to come was one thing people love: food! It worked! People came (on time!) to listen to what my partner and I said, became interested in our ideas, and wanted to join the team. As a final step, we've been putting up flyers around campus about recycling electronics and how to save electricity. Jermell and I have completed a number of workshops and also have done a few activities with the school. We were flabbergasted that Lane College students and faculty are so trapped in their ways, but we are working hard to make a change at our school and in the community. We are taking a stand!

Lashelle Moss — College Ambassador, Lane College

Lashelle Moss was born and raised in Memphis but she resides in Jackson, Mississippi. Currently, she is a senior Sociology major at Lane College and plans to become a social worker. Lashelle serves as the President of Lane's Social Sciences Club and she is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

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