Wash Cycle Laundry

Entrepreneur: Gabriel Mandujano
Matched Coach: Cathy Carmody

Gabriel Mandujano, Wash Cycle Laundry


Wash Cycle Laundry picks up, washes, folds, and delivers laundry on bicycles. Started in Philadelphia in September 2010, we provide commercial linen service for businesses, and personal laundry service for consumers. We are looking to grow in these markets and by serving larger institutional clients. We are a triple-bottom line business: we use highly efficient wash equipment to save energy and water, biodegradable laundry detergents to protect our watershed, bicycles to eliminate carbon emissions from delivery and prove the usefulness of bicycles as intra-urban delivery vehicles. We also strive to create good jobs that will serve as launching pads for vulnerable adults into long-term career pathways.

Website www.washcyclelaundry.com

Cathy Carmody, Declaire Associates


Cathy Carmody brings an energetic balance of strategic, tactical and compassionate perspectives to engage people to achieve extraordinary results. She has 25 years of experience with world-class companies in health care, pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, food, and manufacturing. She has experience in strategic change management, training, organizational development and consulting, knowledge management, and sales. She believes in the possibility of making an impact and a profit simultaneously.

Website www.declaireassociates.com

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