VIDEO: The White House Goes Green — President to Put Up Solar Panels

Authors: Green For All The White House is going solar! In his Weekly Address this past Saturday, President Obama talked about the promise, performance, and high priority of clean-energy projects for America's present and future. He explained why we must continue to invest in renewable sources of energy — for national security, economic stability, and environmental health. He also talked about the difficulties we've had getting there:

For decades, we’ve talked about the importance of ending our dependence on foreign oil and pursuing new kinds of energy, like wind and solar power. But for just as long, progress had been prevented at every turn by the special interests and their allies in Washington.

Well now the President is taking the bull by the horns and leading by example, announcing plans to put solar panels on the roof of the White House. The solar installation will heat water and generate some of the electricity the White House uses. This is obviously very exciting news for those of us who care about breaking America's addiction to dirty energy. With the President embracing clean energy not only in his policy agenda but in his home life, hopefully more everyday Americans will do the same. But this is also exciting for those of us who care about having elected leaders who are in touch with the American people. Americans across the country have been going solar in increasing numbers, and it's only right that the President take his cues from everyday people pioneering the way to the future. Take a look at this new video to meet Rebecca Lundberg, a general contractor in Champlin, Minnesota whose business is expanding thanks to increased demand for solar installations. Rebecca's business is just one of the many across the country that are growing thanks to investments from the Recovery Act.

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