VIDEO: Hip Hop Artist Wiz Khalifa on a Green Future For All

Authors: Julian Mocine-McQueen | Campaign and Partnerships Manager After four weeks on a bus and after visiting 20 states and 17 schools, the Keep It Fresh campaign has come to an end. The Campus Consciousness Tour, a project of Reverb, featured not only the hottest rapper in the form of Wiz Khalifa, but also a special opportunity for students to learn about our water crisis through the Keep It Fresh campaign, a partnership of Green For All and Sigg USA. Check out this exclusive video and message from Wiz Khalifa:

As Wiz said on his bus, after the last concert of the tour – another incredible performance, "we can all help lead the way to a greener future." He lead by example by having biodegradable materials throughout the tour, recycling at all venues, and utilizing bio-diesel in his tour vehicles. We can all do our part and help spread the word about water issues. We can all continue to help KEEP IT FRESH! The Keep it Fresh campaign on the Campus Consciousness Tour was an incredible journey and the connections we made on the many campuses will continue to fuel our efforts to change the way we view water and what we can do about it. In places like University of Central Florida, we partnered with groups like IDEAS (Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions). This campus group is already leading the way on solutions around water, among other issues, and were excited to help provide another way for students to be involved. And in Detroit, one student changed her Facebook Status after learning that it takes 1,500 gallons to produce one fast food value meal. She has vowed to eat less fast food, and is already encouraging her friends to do the same. Do you want to help Keep It Fresh? It starts with you! You can do so by:

  1. Use less water. By changing our daily usage habits – taking shorter showers, eating less meat (meat is very water-intensive to produce) and implementing water conservation techniques – we will help conserve a limited resource.
  2. Share the video above with a friend: let your friends know that water is an issue that affects us all, even Wiz Khalifa!

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