Van Jones, Usher testify before Congress - Renewing America through (Green) Service

Authors: ada On February 25th, Green For All President and Founder Van Jones testified before Congress for the second time in about a month - this time about green service. I can't decide which is more exciting - the fact that Congress is so jazzed on Green Jobs that they've wanted to hear from Van Jones twice in the past month, or the fact that Usher (yeah, that Usher) testified too. Recording artist Usher (himself a Boys and Girls Club kid) founded the New Look Foundation to provide service and internship opportunities in the media industry to disadvantaged youth. Van spoke about how new investments in green service can create not just music moguls, but clean energy moguls of the new century. He talked about the 3 steps in the pathway out of poverty, into prosperity: green service going into green job training, going into green jobs. He talked about investment in green pathways out of poverty as the MOST fiscally responsible way to spend government money - those green dollars work overtime, cutting green house gas emissions while also cutting unemployment. Watch Van Jones and Usher's testimonies below. Van's testimony

Usher's testimony

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