US Conference of Mayors resolves to support Green For All's Green Jobs Pledge

Authors: greenforallblogger On June 24th, 1139 mayors from around the US passed two resolutions supporting an inclusive green economy! The resolutions were passed at the US Conference of Mayors (USCM) Annual Meeting in Miami. One of these resolutions was in support of the Local Governments Green Jobs Pledge that Green For All just released in partnership with The Apollo Alliance, Center for American Progress, and ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability. The Pledge calls on Mayors and County Executives from across the country to commit to building just, green solutions from the ground up. Learn more about the Pledge here. The US Conference of Mayors' endorsement is an important first victory in what will be Green For All's ongoing campaign to implement green-collar jobs programs in cities and counties across the US. The USCM is a powerful voice in Washington, DC, and their support will help ensure that local models of a strong, inclusive, sustainable economy are noticed by the Federal government. The USCM resolution in support of the Pledge reads:
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED THAT, we commit to sign on to the green jobs pledge ( and join together as a movement of local governments across the United States to seize the economic, environmental and social opportunities offered by building an inclusive green economy of high quality jobs and a thriving green workforce.
See all of the resolutions adopted at the meeting:

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