Updates from the youth movement: Energy Action's budgeting meeting

Authors: greenforallblogger The week of June 2nd, members of the Energy Action Coalition met in DC for a budgeting meeting, where they set their priorities and budget for the upcoming year. Green For All is one of the 48 partner organizations which make up the coalition, whose mission is to build the youth movement for a just and clean energy future. EAC has proven itself as a powerful force behind this movement, through past campaigns such as Power Shift 2007, which brought 6,000 youth climate activists to DC for a weekend of training and lobbying on capitol hill. The coalition has made a clear commitment to green-collar jobs, making "Green Jobs Now!" the first demand on their Power Vote platform, which will be signed by 1 million youth by the 2008 election. Through the Power Vote campaign, thousands of youth organizers will build a bloc of voters committed to electing a climate president, one who will implement bold and far-reaching policies to build a clean, green future for America. At the recent meeting, Energy Action also agreed to fund a Youth Organizer position at Green For All. This organizer will help lead the coalition's green jobs working group, develop a green jobs toolkit for youth organizers, create a glossary of green jobs terminology, and work with Green For All to mobilize our youth constituents.

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