Triple Pundit - What is Climate Justice?

Written by Jan Lee, Independent Journalist

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For the residents of the small Alaskan town of Kivalina, the battle for climate justice is regular a way of life. 

The small indigenous village sits on a narrow finger on the western coast of Alaska, far from sprawling cities, coal plants and factories. It isn’t bothered by smog, or the toxic fumes of an oblivious industrial neighbor. The community’s kids don’t have to contend with gangs and crime, or unsafe factories near their playgrounds.

Yet it is estimated that in less than a decade, this small indigenous island village of 377 will disappear. Completely. 

Kivalina, AK and climate justice 

Kivalina, like many urban communities of color, is experiencing the mounting and devastating effects of climate change. It is perhaps the world’s greatest example of the fact that precipitous climate change can happen anywhere, and eventually touches everyone.

“Climate change affects everybody,” says Kimberly Freeman-Brown. Freeman-Brown serves as the Washington office chief for Green For All, a U.S.-based advocacy group that works with affected communities. “None of us are saved from the storms, drought, fire, and what have you that are resulting from rising temperatures and…the instability of the weather patterns.”

Unfortunately, Kivalina’s story is also evidence that climate justice issues often go hand-in-hand with precipitous climate change...  

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