Triple Green Custom Print Developers

Entrepreneur: Joanna De Leon
Matched Coach: Heather Markel

Joanna De Leon, Triple Green Custom Print Developers


Triple Green Custom Print Developers is a family operated screen-printing and embroidery shop with one focus: giving our customers the best custom products while respecting the environment and our communities. We believe in supporting small business organizations, sports clubs, and local artists with affordable, high quality custom apparel on their way to success. We offer everything from basic polos and tees to high-tech performance products and designer corporate apparel. We work with only the best- known brands in the market, offering traditionally-sourced and U.S.-made garments and do our best to find the product that’s right for you. We take pride in decorating with eco-friendly, non-toxic inks. Our clients actively search for products that have a lesser impact on the environment, and our products provide a great, affordable way to make an environmentally sound choice. In addition, we strive to use other eco-friendly products such as soy-based cleaners and citrus-based solvents throughout the decoration and clean-up process.


Heather Markel, The BullBuster Café


Heather Markel, CPC, ACC has over 20 years corporate experience in sales, marketing and customer service, and 10 years personal business experience. She founded The BullBuster Café® and Boardroom - which showcase her passion, humor and energy - to offer strategies to bust through business, financial, and relationship bull (normally in the form of subconscious, disempowering thought processes) that lead clients to experience empowerment in their lives. Heather loves being part of the transformation process, helping clients step outside their comfort zone, and into a life that fits. She does this with a combination of tough love, humor, and intuition, while holding the vision that her clients can do absolutely anything they set their intention and energy to do.hallenges; and; 3. Appreciative awareness to help clients identify what works as well as what needs improvement.


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