Tri County Sentry - Are We Plugged In?

Written by Charlene Muhammad, CBM Contributor 

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Like many Black Californians, Chearon Raye faces a dilemma when the time comes to make a purchase as substantial as a new automobile. 

As the owner of two Mercedes-Benzes (one is a six-cylinder, the other eight), Raye’s daily 200-mile round-trip to and from work takes a heavy toll on her bottom line — making her the ideal customer for the hybrid cars that are all the rage among consumers seeking the dual benefit of environmental consciousness and freedom from fluctuating gasoline prices.  At the same time, automobiles that run on alternative fuel are quite expensive; so when deciding to indebt herself with a such a pricey purchase, Raye likes to know whether the companies seeking her business invest anything in the African-American community beyond sales pitches designed to lure more Black customers into showrooms...

...Lamman Rucker, an actor who serves on the board of board of Green For All, a national organization which works to build an inclusive green economy to help lift people out of poverty, feels information shared during the evening is what people in general must have but that people of color don’t have and aren’t exposed to.

“Even in this environment right here, this is the informed [crowd], so it’s a matter of getting this information out and having other people have access to this vehicle, to other vehicles like that, to the technology, to the information, and to the opportunity,” Rucker told California Black Media...

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