Trey Songz, Fabolous & Green For All Fellow will Be Seen Being Green

Authors: Mahfam Malek

You may have heard that Green For All is on tour with hip hop star Drake, engaging his college audiences in the green movement this spring through the Green The Block campaign. 

Now we are excited to announce our participation in the "Be Seen Being Green" College Music Tour as well.

The tour, featuring Trey Songz & Fabolous, will kick off on April 15 at the University of Miami, and will be a great opportunity to show that music and entertainment can be the perfect vehicle for eco-education and sustainability solutions.

Green For All Fellow, Daniell "Danni" Washington (also CEO of the Big Blue & You Foundation) will help to kick off the tour by presenting at the educational seminar at the University of Miami on April 15. With her expertise in educating and empowering youth to be better stewards of the earth, Danni will bring to the stage a message that young people can and should have an important voice in the discussion around climate solutions.

That won't be the last time audiences hear about how they can "go green." The tour will continue to "educate students about practical green-living solutions," while shrinking its own footprint by using electric/bio-diesel tour buses, staying in green hotels, and using recycled products.

Find more information on the Be Seen Being Green College Music Tour here.

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