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Authors: Julian Mocine-McQueen Happy Earth Day! Some claim we can't fix our economy and save our environment at the same time. They say we have to choose between the two. Today, let's tell them they're wrong. We can build a strong green economy that respects the earth and provides opportunity for all people. We can power America with clean energy and create millions of green jobs, at the same time. This Earth Day, let's show what our movement is all about.

Stand up for People and Planet: Make yourself a Green Jobs Icon.

It's easy: upload a photo or use your web cam. We'll deliver all of these icons to our leaders in Congress, to show them who we are and what we stand for. Hundreds of people have already made icons: Check them out.

Spread the word:

* Forward this email far and wide, or use our Tell-a-friend tool. * Share your icon on Facebook and Twitter (it's easy once you make your icon). Momentum is building for a green-collar economy. Right now, local leaders in communities across the country are working to create green jobs with Economic Recovery funds. Just yesterday, we won another major victory for green jobs in Washington, DC. President Obama signed the Serve America Act, which deploys national service to combat our country's toughest challenges - including global warming. As we make gains across the country, entrenched interests will only fight harder to hold onto the grey, pollution-based economy. So we've got to push stronger for an economy that is green for all. Next Earth Day, let's look back on the year when a movement of everyday Americans from all walks of life said with one voice: We stand for People and Planet.

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