This Is Our Time To Shine

Authors: Courtney Strickland, College Ambassador, Elizabeth City State University My name is Courtney Strickland and I am currently a junior majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Biology and Chemistry at Elizabeth City State University. I am also the president and founder of ECSU’s Green Council, Director of Sustainability for CRC, and on the Executive Board for other clubs and organizations. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of becoming a Green For All College Ambassador for ECSU. I am super excited about it for one main reason: it’s an opportunity for me to be a voice for my fellow students. My experience as a Green For All College Ambassador has given me a whole new outlook on the world today. During the last few months, my campus partner Ryan Lawrence and I have been creating new initiatives and forums to teach students about the needs and the benefits of sustainability. Getting the campus involved and motivated isn’t easy! What needs to be done? Who do we talk to first? How do we get Greek Lettered fraternities and sororities involved? Do we need to have refreshments to get students to come out to our event? These type of questions run through my mind as I work to increase environmental awareness on our campus. I understand that I have the power to instill information on how to change the world and how to be a better person to the world, which makes me feel like I am on top of the world! Ryan and I have completed a workshop and also done some community outreach. We were amazed that Elizabeth City is so small and everyone is stuck in their ways. We have been through the mud, over a bridge and through the woods to inform students, faculty and the community on how to live a sustainable life - and I would not have it any other way. This is our time: our time to shine, our time to reach out and grab this opportunity. The only question is: do we have the guts to take it?

Courtney Strickland — Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Courtney Strickland is a junior marine biology major with a minor in Chemistry at Elizabeth City State University. She is also the founder and president of ECSU's Green Council and Director of Sustainability for CRC. She hopes to reach those that aren't fully aware of their potential. Going green just isn't a saying for her it's a life style and she plan to keep it that way! Through her dedication and motivation she hopes to reach others.

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