This Earth Day, it’s all about (green) jobs, jobs, jobs


Let’s start with the Bureau of Labor Statistics report issued just a few weeks ago. This report shows that green jobs are real, are growing, and are here to stay. The report shows that an enormous number of jobs are already linked to the green economy – 3.1 million in 2010. This new data illustrates just how productive and positive green jobs can be for our economy and for the average American worker. 

First, consider that green jobs are incredibly diverse: from construction and manufacturing to recycling and mass transit. Green jobs also support two industries that have been hit hardest by the economic slowdown: construction and manufacturing—both of which have reported off-the-chart unemployment rates, hurting families across the country. Recovery in these sectors is vital to pulling America out of recession. So it’s encouraging that green building accounted for 25 percent of all new construction ventures in 2010.

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