The Top Ten Green For All Highlights of 2008

Authors: harris As we start a new year, it's easy to rush into making big plans and getting to work on all the things we want to accomplish before we have to take our calendars down again in twelve months. But we here at Green For All want to take a moment to reflect on all the amazing things that, together with you and our other allies, we were able to accomplish in 2008. * THE TOP TEN GREEN FOR ALL HIGHLIGHTS OF 2008 * THE DREAM REBORN. Is there anything more humbling and inspiring than hearing 1,100 of the brightest and most dedicated young leaders in the country say that your work is a direct continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream — and that they want to be a part of it? THE GREEN FOR ALL ACADEMY. We want the new green economy to give people of color and low-income people the opportunities they didn't get in the old, pollution-based economy. That won't happen unless these communities stand up and advocate for themselves. Cue the Green For All Academy, training young leaders from disadvantaged communities as world-class spokespersons for the green-collar movement. COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE. Ever feel like we could go farther faster if only we could draw on the strength and wisdom of our peers? Yeah, us too. That's why we started the Community of Practice. CLEAN ENERGY CORPS. Can one policy paper change the country? Well, if it lays out exactly how to put America to work fighting global warming and becoming energy independent, we think so. (Especially when it's backed up by a huge campaign, coming soon to a city near you!) GREENFORALL.ORG. At the beginning of 2008, our online presence was limited to a placeholder site we had thrown together in a hurry, just so we could have something up. Now look at us: a state-of-the-art site a 50,000-member online network, and a proven track record of using our online resources to make things happen offline. GREEN JOBS NOW. Is the country ready for Green Jobs Now? 50,000 Americans, in every state in the union, can't be wrong. They all came out on September 27 for Green Jobs Now. GREEN-COLLAR CITIES. Sometimes, people just need to see it. That's why we launched the Green-Collar Cities Program — to help local government, business and community leaders turn their towns into "model cities," showcasing the possibilities of a green economy. THE GREEN COLLAR ECONOMY: NY TIMES BESTSELLER. Can an environmental book, authored by an African American, become a New York Times best-seller? It had never happened before. But Green For All President Van Jones's first book, The Green Collar Economy, did just that. How? Because the green-collar movement made it happen [LINK:]. CAPITAL ACCESS PROGRAM. It would be a little silly to think that we could build the new economy without engaging the business sector. The Green For All Capital Access Program makes sure that entrepreneurs have a central place in the green-collar movement. NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT. Too often, those of us who dedicate our lives to serving everyday people feel invisible. But in 2008, Green For All was anything but, getting media coverage from the likes of CNN, the New York Times, Time Magazine, The Colbert Report, Fast Company and Grist.

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