The New York Times - Environmental Groups Seek Strength in Diversity

The Associated Press

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PITTSBURGH — Thousands of young environmentalists from around the country are heading to Pittsburgh, planning to strengthen the green movement by involving more people of different races and backgrounds.

The four-day Power Shift conference beginning Friday takes on some traditional issues in a new way. Organizers are fighting coal mining, fracking for oil and gas, and climate change, but doing it through sessions such as "Racism and the Climate Movement," ''Sex and Sustainability," ''Young Leaders from Puerto Rico's Frontlines," and "Lessons from Transgender Activism."

…Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, chief executive of Green For All, said the lack of diversity within the environmental movement is "shocking." She said it's important to note that "communities of color really have a strong environmental record, they just don't have a strong connection" to national groups.

"We just didn't call it environmentalism. We just did it to survive," she said of such practices as recycling...  

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