The mood I see in Copenhagen

Authors: ada

I'm at the "Fresh Air Center", where bloggers and online campaigners can meet, work, and strategize during the international climate talks. It's around 9 pm here in Copenhagen on the last day of the two-week negotiations. Heads of State from more than one hundred countries are in closed-door meetings to see if they can reach some sort of agreement or accord on an international response to the climate crisis. Non-governmental organizations, media, and ordinary people here to advocate for their own survival are waiting for an announcement on what's going on inside the talks.

The outcome of the official talks looks increasingly disappointing. But here on the outside, there is an energy and creative outrage building – the sense that if these talks and these government leaders are not up to the task at hand in this current political context, then it's up to us to change that context. I spontaneously started recording this video about a press-conference stunt, which organically turned to the conversation of a community organizer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Jayme Montgomery-Baker of the League of Young Voters Education Fund and the Green For All Academy) and a man from India who is working to address water issues in his community.

The video is shaky and difficult to hear and probably way too long. But I hope it conveys the energy I feel around me. Whatever the outcome of the "negotiations" in Copenhagen, the movement to create real solutions to the climate crisis and to global economic inequality is creative and vibrant and rapidly building strength.

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