The Greening of Southie – New movie tours union halls for Earth Week

Authors: ada May 20th UPDATE: Earth Week in Union Halls was a rousing success. Read more from The New Yorker, and from the Producers of The Greening of Southie! If you were watching Good Morning America this morning, you may have heard a couple of young filmmakers discuss green-collar jobs with Diane Sawyer - and give Green For All a shout out. The filmmakers are Curtis Ellis and Ian Cheney, and the movie is The Greening of Southie. The Greening of Southie is a feature documentary that tells the story of Boston’s first residential green building from the perspective of the men and women who set out to build it. The film follows characters like ironworker Bob Gottlich (pictured here), carpenter Yvan Lacroix, and tile-setter Tom Torre through two years of work on their first green job, and shows the powerful transition that takes place when blue-collar jobs go green. By the time the project is done, Gottlich, Philips, and Torre haven’t just built an energy-efficient building; they’ve found a proud home in the movement for green-collar jobs. Earth Week in the Union Halls The makers of The Greening of Southie are conducting a campaign to screen The Greening of Southie and host discussion sessions in building trade union halls across the country. Fifty screenings are currently scheduled from Boston to Seattle and everywhere in between. Earth Week in the Union Halls events are free to participating unions, thanks to anchor sponsorship from The Fledgling Fund, a New York film outreach foundation. Participating unions get discussion and action guides, hand-outs, “green and proud” hard hat stickers, and a public-exhibition copy of The Greening of Southie. For more information about the film or hosting a screening, visit: At Green For All, we're pleased to share Earth Week in the Union Halls with y'all, and explore ways to get The Greening of Southie in front of more people.

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